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About us

Tilitoimisto Eliitti Oy was established in 2017. We provide accounting and consulting services for small and medium-sized businesses. The company have extensive experience in financial management. We are providing regular acounting services and we are open to consider challenging tasks as well. Highly educated personnel offers high-quality, trustworthy, competent work.

The financial well-being of the customer is the most important goal for Tilitoimisto Elite Oy! We make sure that the accounting, financial statements and the authorities' reports are correct and delivered on time. We will send a monthly report to our customers. The report is formed of the interim financial statements: income statement, balance sheets, ledger, journal and seasonal tax return. The company's financial tracking is accurate.


If you are planning to establish a business in Finland, or if you already have a business presence in Finland, we can serve you with all kind of bookkeeping, administration and tax issues as well as establishing and registration of a company. If you need help with the administration and bookkeeping for your Finnish company we can take care of all matters, such as:



1-50 operations 100€

51-70 operations 130€

71-90 operations 170€

91-110 operations 210€

111-130 operations 250€

131-150 operations 290€

more 150 operations negotiable

Payroll accounting

Salary calculation 16€/employee

Per diem calculation 10€/employee

Mileage calculation 10€/employee

Other 10€/employee


VAT report (Katso) 15€/month

VAT report 20€/month

Salary report (Katso) 15€/month

Salary report 20€/month


Annual report for individuals 150€

Annual report for companies 250€

Business regstration 100€

Consulting 50€/hour

Invoicing 5€/pc.

Payment of bills 2,50€/pc.

Send documents 5€/pc.

Contact us

Please contact us for further information:

Tilitoimisto Eliitti Oy

Finland, Helsinki, 00430, Turvapolku 1 B